Open311 Applications Open311 Applications

We are pleased to announce availability of applications using the Open311 API. The design is a result of a collaborative effort between cities, non-profits and developers.

Want to be an accurate "Concerned Reporter"? See the tips below

The following companies have created applications allowing you to contact us using a wide variety of tools. These tools have gone through extensive testing and will route your service request directly to the correct City agency. We encourage you to try them out and provide feedback using the tool below.


SF311 (Official app) Platform
SF311 Android, iPhone


3rd party applications Platform Android, iPhone, Web
SeeClickFix Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Web
Note: Platform names are trademarks of the respective vendor.
Please check back to see new applications available.
If you are interested in the technical details, please see the Open311 Wiki.

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How to be an accurate "Concerned Reporter"

You see issues you'd like resolved. The departments would like to resolve them quickly and completely. Work is routed by the options you select in the service types. The better information information you provide, the better and faster the agencies can respond.

Help the departments by following a few simple tips, and share the tips with your friends:

  • Pick the category that best matches the problem you want to report.
  • Add a photo if safe to do so, making sure the photo is clear and shows enough surrounding area to help locate the problem
  • Verify the location using the cross-hairs. Be sure to tap Done (IOS) or OK (Android) to set the location. A good location is key to a good response.
  • Add a description even if there is a photo. Sometimes the photo isn’t usable.
  • Select the best options in the other drop-downs
  • Optionally provide contact information (except where required)

Verifying the location on your map is important even if the address doesn't populate immediately. Sometimes the street has no "official addresses" on that side of the block, so we associate the request to the best we can find. 

Thank you for your help!