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Departments and Services (A-Z List) Departments and Services (A-Z List)

Many city services are also available on mobile! Check out the SF311 App
Online Services Description

Recreation and Parks

The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, administers more than 220 parks, playgrounds, and open spaces. The system includes 25 recreation centers, including swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, baseball/softball diamonds and soccer fields. They offer numerous recreational programs such as Digital & Visual Arts, health and wellness, senior programs and after-school programs.

Streetlight Repair

This relates to repairs such as a light burnt out, light flickering on/off, light dim, light always on, electrical wires exposed, request light shield, request new streetlight, and other streetlight repair concerns.

Tree Maintenance

Report an issue with a tree on public property that is an urgent safety concern. This includes trees that are blocking a street, blocking a sidewalk or bike lane, or are blocking traffic signs or signals. Trees that are touching black-colored power or Muni lines, or are touching a building or building windows are not a safety concern.

Requests for routine pruning of overgrown trees and other tree maintenance issues that are not an immediate safety concern will be serviced when StreetTreeSF cycles through your neighborhood.

Potholes and Street Defects

Report any construction related issues on streets and roadways such as a shifted construction plate, missing manhole cover, pavement defect (pothole), and a utility excavation.

Damaged Public Property

Any concern with damaged property in the City and County of San Francisco, such as benches on sidewalks, bike racks, fire/police callboxes, kiosks, public toilets, news racks, parking meters, transit shelters, etc.

Flooding and Sewer Issues

Report any flooding on property and streets, a clogged catch basin, or odors originating from catch basins, 4-inch vents, and sewers. You may also report sewage backups, illegal dumping in the sewers, and missing manhole covers.

Street & Sidewalk Cleaning Request

Request maintenance or repairs that are relevant to pressure-washing and other cleaning services which include the following: transit shelter/platform; electronics/e-waste; furniture; human/animal waste; mattress; medical waste; neglected buildings/vacant lots; oil/paint/other spill; overflowing public garbage cans; etc.


Report graffiti found in a city park/playground, public trash containers, personal households, private office buildings, public property (bike racks, fire hydrants, newsstands, etc.)

Garbage Container/Trash Can

Property owners must remove garbage cans from the street within 24 hours after collection.

Illegal Postings

Illegal signage postings must be removed from public property which include the following: Handbills, leaflets, and other advertising. Postings that also need to be reported are ones that are: Affixed Improperly, Multiple Postings, No Posting Date, Posted on Directional Sign, Posted on, Historic Street Light, Posted on Traffic Light, Posted over 70 days, and Posting Too High On Pole.

Abandoned Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicles are prohibited from parking in the same spot for more than 72 hours. A vehicle parked in one spot for more than 72 hours without being moved for any length of time, is considered abandoned and is subject to towing. If you would like to report an abandoned motor vehicle, please provide the location of the vehicle (street address only, no intersections), and the description of the vehicle (make & model, color, number of doors, and license plate number).

Abandoned Bicycle

Report an abandoned bike on a City street or sidewalk, regardless of current condition. This also applies to bike share company's bikes OTHER than authorized vendors in SF: Ford GoBike and JUMP. For information on these two companies go to the SFMTA.com Bikeshare web page.

Sidewalk Defects

Request repairs to sidewalks that are cracked, being raised by tree roots, or have other defects such as a Curb or Curb Ramp Defect, a damaged and missing Side Sewer Vent Cover, Public Stairway Defect, a collapsed/cracked Sidewalk Defect, and a Sidewalk Defect lifted by roots.

Parking & Traffic: Sign Repair or Replace

Report issues with a City of SF Parking and Traffic sign only: damaged (sign, pole or both), defaced (graffiti, stickers), faded, incorrect, missing. Does not include advertising signs, signs on private property (kiosks, bike rental stations), signs in parks, etc.

Scooter Program

For general questions and comments about the SFMTA Scooter Program permitting process, or to report an illegally parked scooter.

Color Curb Request

Apply for a color curb in front of your home or business. You can apply for red driveway tips, blue, green, white and yellow zones.

Illegal Color Curb Painting

If you see what appears to be an illegally painted Color Curb you may report it to SFMTA for investigation and possible abatement. SFMTA requests that whenever possible a photo of the illegal curb painting be included in the service request to help expedite the handling of the complaint.

  • With a photo attached, and the painting is determined to be illegal, the goal of SFMTA is to abate the illegal curb painting within 30 days.
  • Without an attached photo the service request handling time may take up to four (4) months for abatement.

Construction Tow-Away Zone Permit Request


This SFMTA web page - https://www.sfmta.com/permits/construction-tow-away-zones - provides general information about the process for registering a tow-away zone for excavation construction projects, and includes a link to their application portal.


Please contact DPW Bureau of Street Use & Mapping (BSM) to determine whether a permit is required.
During business hours:

  • By phone: 415-558-6060. DPW BSM will provide instructions and answer questions.
  • In person: Go to Dept. of Building Inspection's one-stop, over-the-counter location at 1660 Mission St., where DPW BSM clerks will be able to assist you.
For further information, please visit http://www.sfpublicworks.org/services/permits.

For Parking Enforcement of a tow-away zone, please call 415-553-1200.

SFMTA Muni Complaint

File a complaint concerning Muni services, including operators, vehicles, stations, service schedules & routes, maintenance, etc.

Leaking Fire Hydrant

Report a fire hydrant that is leaking water onto San Francisco's streets.

New Street Markings Request

Request new street markings such as painting or traffic striping (traffic lane lines) on San Francisco's streets.

Street Markings Repair

Request repair and maintenance to existing street markings such as painting or traffic striping (traffic lane lines) on San Francisco's streets.

SFMTA Taxi Cab Feedback

Send feedback or a compliment to a cab company about your experience.

Lost & Found Item in a Taxi Cab

Report a personal belonging left in a Taxi Cab or recover an item that has been found

Lost & Found Item on Muni

Report a personal belonging left on Muni or recover an item that has been found.

SFMTA Muni Compliment

Send a compliment concerning Muni services.

Unpermitted Taxi Cab

Report a taxi that is operating illegally in the City.

Traffic Signal Malfunctioning

Did you see a malfunctioning traffic signal light or pedestrian crossing indicator? Call 3-1-1 to report the issue. Do not use this web site or the 311 mobile app for this service request.

Missed Street Cleaning Route

Report that street cleaning did not occur at its regularly scheduled time.

Street/Road Defects

Report defects in streets around San Francisco including potholes and missing manhole covers.

Blocked Driveway or Illegal Parking

Report a blocked Driveway or Public Right of Way by a vehicle such as a car, van, motorcycle, pickup or delivery truck, trailer with license plate, etc. Includes blocked bike lane, double parking, parked on a sidewalk, etc.

Blocked Public Right of Way by an activity or event in progress

Report a Blocked Public Right of way by an activity or event in progress, such as parties, motor vehicle repair, garage/yard sales, etc., to Police Non-Emergency at 415-553-0123.

Water Waste

Report incidences of water waste in your neighborhood or in other parts of the city. An exact address for the location of water waste is required for the SFPUC to take action. Additional information such as photographs may prove helpful for responding to occurrences of water waste.  

For more details, see Water Waste Information

Clogged Catch Basin

Catch basins are storm drains/grates located at most corners of the City's street intersections. They allow water to drain from the gutters into the sewer system. Report blocked catch basins by leaves, debris or other garbage that may or may not have caused flooding on the street.

No Water Service

Report issues of no water delivery to your sink, faucet, hose, tap, washing machine (washer), dishwasher or bathtub/shower head.

Web requests made after hours (5pm - 8am), weekends, or holidays, will not be responded to until the next working day. Please call 3-1-1 if you need immediate assistance with your water issue.

Low Water Pressure

Report issues of low water pressure to your sink, faucet, hose, tap, washing machine (washer), dishwasher or bathtub/shower head.

Web requests made after hours (5pm - 8am), weekends, or holidays, will not be responded to until the next working day. Please call 3-1-1 if you need immediate assistance with your water issue.

Water Quality Issues

Report issues of tap water that tastes or smells different, is dirty, discolored, oily, or contains sand or other particles.

Web requests made after hours (5pm - 8am), weekends, or holidays, will not be responded to until the next business day. Please call 3-1-1 if you need immediate assistance with your water quality issue.

Blocked Exit that Violates the Fire Code

Blocked primary exit (front stairs, exit corridor) or secondary exit (rear stairs, fire escape). Path of travel blocked by item in the way or any tripping hazard.

Clutter or Debris in Building causing a fire hazard or building access concern

Clutter/debris or garbage in building causing a fire hazard or building access concern

Fire Alarm System Issues

Apartment building or hotel lacking/missing a properly maintained smoke/fire alarm system. Missing Fire Department certification or operating indicator light on panel box.

Fire Extinguisher Issues

Apartment building or hotel lacking/missing a properly maintained fire extinguisher in public hallway on every floor. Missing tag that indicates fire extinguisher has been serviced in last year

Fire Sprinkler Issues

Apartment building or hotel lacking/missing properly maintained fire sprinkler at the top or bottom of a garbage/laundry chute, or as required by housing codes

Smoke Detector Issues

Bedroom or guest room missing a properly maintained smoke detector. On top of a public stairway and every third floor below missing a properly maintained smoke detector.

Garbage Receptacle/Trash Bin Issue in a Residential Building

Not enough covered garbage receptacles. Inadequate garbage pick-up service. Garbage room lacks sheet metal walls/ceilings or fire sprinkler. Garbage area full of debris

Rodent or Insect Infestation in a Residential Building

Building is infested with rodents such as rats or mice or insects such as flies, mosquitos or gnats and is in violation of the health code. For a building infested with bed bugs, select Infestation - Bed Bugs

Mold or Mildew in a Residential Building

Building contains chronic/severe mold and mildew and is in violation of the health code.

Lead Paint Peeling

Hazardous condition caused by peeling lead paint or dust from lead paint removal/construction. To report non-lead paint peeling (usually applies to buildings built after 1979) select Paint Peeling

Second Hand Smoking in a Building

Please visit the SFDPH website on smoking for more information or call us at 3-1-1.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing-related issue that is in violation of building code. Plumbing is not working or leaking.

Non Hazardous Electrical Issues

Electrical-related issue that is in violation of building code. Built-in electrical appliances, lights or switches not working. For hazardous electrical-related issues, please call 3-1-1 for assistance

Heating Issues

Heat is not available for a residential unit or hotel room. Heat is not maintained at 68 degrees Fahrenheit between the hours of 5 am to 11 am or 3 pm to 10 pm

Hot Water Issues

No hot/only cold water is available from the faucet, sink, bathtub, or showerin  a residential unit or hotel room. Hot water not maintained between 105 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ventilation Issues

Ventilation/vent system not maintained or missing. Lack of adequate ventilation for clothes dryers, garages, garbage rooms, public halls, or any room with a gas appliance.

Elevators not Working in a Buildings with Seven (7) or More Stories

Report building with 7 or more stories with no working elevators

Elevator Code Violations

Elevator related building code violations, including elevator not properly maintained or lacks proper certification

Building Code Issues Regarding Doors

Exterior door not properly maintained, tight fitting, weather- proofed or fully functional. Residential building door used for front entrance, garage, stairways, boiler room, or garbage room lacks self-closing device or are blocked from closing properly. Unit entrance not self-closing or lacks 135-degree viewer.

Building Code Issues Regarding Handrails, Stairs or Decks

Handrail not properly secured or maintained. Wood handrail/ stairs/deck not maintained properly to prevent dry rot, fungus, deterioration or decay. Handrail/stairs/deck is broken in violation of building code.

Building Code Issues Regarding Light Wells

Light well not kept clean and operational. Debris is obstructing light into building.

Building Code Issues Regarding Windows

Window not properly maintained, tight fitting, weather-proofed or fully operational. Window painted or nailed shut. Replacement window lacking sufficient weather-stripping or a minimum of 20 inch width and 24 inch depth if required for escape.

Building Code Issues Regarding Bathrooms

Public bathroom not maintained in a clean and functional manner. Mechanical or window ventilation not adequate. 2 operational bathrooms per floor not provided when all guest rooms do not have a private bathroom.

Building Code Issues Regarding Community Kitchens

Single room occupancy (SRO) Hotel community kitchen not maintained in a clean and functional manner. Entry doors not self-closing. Counter, flooring or sink not made of impervious/ non-absorbent materials. Cooking facility lacks electrical power source.

Rent Board

The Rent Board’s primary function is to conduct arbitration hearings and mediations of tenant and landlord petitions regarding the adjustment of rents under the City’s rent control laws. They oversee rent and eviction regulations for certain residential units. Provides San Francisco Rent Ordinance information, referrals and counseling.

Illegal Construction

New building construction done illegally or building renovation or addition without a permit/license or exceeding the scope of the permit. Construction activity violates municipal codes

Illegal Guest Room Conversions

Conversion of permanent housing to tourist or other temporary uses as defined in the Residential Hotel Conversion and Demolition Ordinance

Inadequately Secured Perimeter

Building and unit entrances not securely self-locking. 135-degree viewer not available for unit entry doors. Public is able to enter building without permission through windows, doors or other building access points

Mail Delivery Problem

Tenant is not receiving mail due to a lack of mailboxes for individual units or other building management-related issue

Visitor Policy Violation

Guest not allowed to visit a residential room in violation of the San Francisco Uniform Visitor Policy

Blight on Property

Report a property that is visibly deteriorated/not maintained.  Property may have overgrown vegetation such as weeds, litter, and garbage on its premises.

Office of Vital Records

The Office of Vital Records is responsible for registering all of the births and deaths that take place within the City and County of San Francisco only. They maintain all birth and death certificates within the last 3 years. Applications and forms for certified copies can be obtained from their office.

Office of the County Clerk

The County Clerk's office allow individuals and businesses to file fictitious business names (FBN), public and confidential marriages, domestic partnerships, notary public, environmental impact reports and others. County Clerk also provides the SF City Identification Cards by appointment and maintains birth and death certificates older than 3 years.

Aging & Adult Services

Assists seniors and functionally impaired adults in coordinating range of social, mental health, and long term care services. Obtain information or services regarding the care and protection of seniors or functionally impaired adults, such as Adult Protective Services, the Public Guardian and Conservator, or In-Home Supportive Services.

Animal Care and Control

Provides animal care and control services in San Francisco. They are responsible for San Francisco's stray, injured, abandoned, neglected, and mistreated animals, as well as for the enforcement of all state and local Animal Control and Welfare laws.

Arts Commission

Agency that promotes art in San Francisco. Submit a request for information on ongoing exhibitions, street artist program information, and cultural equity grants information.


Appraises property and calculates property value. They record documents such as Title Deeds and Marriage Certificate. You may also request/obtain copies of recorded documents. Submit a request for property-related information, such as maps, deeds, or legal exemptions, information on public marriage records, or assistance in recording documents.

Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative branch of the City and County of San Francisco. The Board consists of 11 members. Each member is elected on a non-partisan basis from a district where he or she lives.

You can provide feedback, Submit a compliment or complaint, obtain information regarding Board of Supervisor meetings, boards, commissions, task forces, or legislation

Building Inspection

Department enforces Building, Housing, Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical Codes, Disability Access Regulations. Apply for permits or inspections, code enforcement, and obtain information on building codes.

Child Support Services

Department establishes and enforces parental economic support. Custodial parents, guardians and noncustodial parents can obtain assistance and information regarding Child Support Payments. Employers can obtain information regarding income withholding orders or medical support notices.

Department for Children, Youth and Their Families

Department develops and supports programs and activities for San Franciscans ages 0 through 17 and their families. Obtain information about children's programs and activities and programs supporting families in San Francisco.

City Administrator/General Services Agency

Select to send a request to a representative from City Administrator/General Services Agency.

City Employee Phone Directory

Are you looking for the contact information of a City of San Francisco employee? You can search for their phone number using the online city government phone directory.


City Hall Building Management

Manages the building operations of City Hall. for permitting rallies on the City Hall steps and inquiries regarding meetings held within City Hall.

Request City Hall Events

Elegantly restored historic landmark San Francisco City Hall - see how it can accommodate all your event needs. It is a fabulous showcase with rich history and rooms like no other venue in San Francisco

Contract Administration

Purchase of goods and services for the City and County of San Francisco including contract negotiation and code compliance. Obtain information about contracting or supplying goods to City government, including compliance information and the bidding and contract process

District Attorney

Investigates and prosecutes individuals accused of criminal acts. Provides advocacy and support to crime victims and witnesses. Programs to deter and prosecute violent crimes, fraud and corruption, and protect women, children, and the elderly.

Office of Economic and Workforce Development

Business attraction and retention, international business, workforce development, commercial revitalization. Information and services to assist San Francisco Businesses, including information regarding tax credits and incentives, financing, training and technical assistance, commercial district revitalization, and legal compliance.

Elections Department

Manages federal, state and local elections, including registration of voters, placement of ballot initiatives, outreach programs, voter rolls, and voter information pamphlets. Information and questions regarding elections, including election results. Voter services, including multilingual and disabled services, registration status, polling place and district look-up, forms and applications, provisional and vote-by mail ballot status

Entertainment Commission

Reviews, gathers information regarding and conducts hearings for entertainment-related permit applications. Plans and coordinates provision of City services for major events for which there is no recognized organizer, promoter, or sponsor. Obtain permit applications and forms, permit fee schedules, and administrative codes.

Ethics Commission

Governmental ethics laws, including campaign finance, campaign consultant, lobbying, conflicts of interests, and Whistleblower investigation. Obtain ethics-related information and forms, including links to relevant legal codes.

Film Commission

Promotes city as a location to film movies. Assists film producers in coordinating logistical arrangements. Obtain information about film production in San Francisco, including procedures, resources, and local information

Fire Department

If this is a police, fire, or medical emergency, please call 911 immediately. In addition to responding to fire, medical, and other emergencies, assists with fire code requirements, responds to requests regarding legal matters, and participates in neighborhood an community events. To report issues with a fire hydrant (graffiti, leaking, etc), please call 3-1-1.

Human Resources

Recruits, Engages, and Develops the City's workforce to meet the service needs of San Franciscans. Obtain job information and apply for jobs; Obtain information on employee services, including training and Employee Assistance Program; Department services include employee relations and recruitment.

Human Services Agency

Social services for people who are disadvantaged or in crisis. Obtain information about referrals to and assistance with programs that help maximize self-sufficiency, safety, and independence, such as Food Stamps, Homeless Services, Medi-Cal, Cal WORKS, County Adult Assistance Program, In-Home Support Services, and employment and training. . Department protects the rights and assets of those who are no longer able to care or advocate for themselves.

Office of Labor Standards Enforcement

Enforces San Francisco labor laws, including the Minimum Wage Ordinance, Paid Sick Leave Ordinance and Health Care Security Ordinance. Ensures that public

Works contractors comply with prevailing wage regulations, enforces the Minimum Compensation Ordinance and Health Care Accountability Ordinance and administers the Sweatfree Contracting Ordinance. Obtain information and file complaints regarding San Francisco labor laws.

Office of Community Investment & Infrastructure

Formerly the Redevelopment Agency. Provides funding for the development of affordable housing primarily in redevelopment project areas designated by the Board of Supervisors. Assists with information on rental and ownership opportunities.

Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

Community programs and policies addressing public safety needs. Partners with public safety agencies, community-based organizations, and federal and state funding bodies to develop public safety strategies and policies. Access information, documents, Requests for Proposals/Requests for Qualifications

Mayor’s Office on Disability

Disabled access to City-operated services, benefits, activities, facilities. Access information regarding disabled access to City-operated services, including the City's obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as other federal, state, and local access codes and disability rights laws.

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services

Public suggestions, complaints, compliments, questions, requests directed to the Mayor. Access information about the Mayor's Office, provide feedback to the Mayor and his staff, a community or neighborhood liaison

Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development

Creates affordable housing opportunities for San Franciscans and provides essential services to build strong communities.

Office of Citizen Complaints

Complaints against police officers; Fair and equal treatment of citizens by police officers. Access information on submitting complaints and complaint form. Review reports and statistics regarding complaints of police misconduct.

Planning Department

The San Francisco Planning Department engages citizens in an ongoing dialogue about San Francisco's future and plays a central role in guiding the long-term development of the built and natural environment. It is comprised of more than 125 staff who evaluate regional growth management policy, monitor and update the City's General Plan, ensure compliance of the Planning and Zoning codes, draft land use policy, and develop sub-area and urban design plans.

Port of San Francisco

Manages waterfront development and economic activity. Obtain information regarding Port development and planning process, permits, leasing, and maritime activities and operations, such as ferries, tours, guest berthing, cruise ships, and cargo.

Public Defender

Legal representation of people charged with crimes and unable to afford an attorney. Promotes programs to help clients seek treatment in lieu of prison time. Obtain legal information and referrals, links to legal information, and the Clean Slate Program.

Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health provide public health services, health inspection and health education services. They regulate and provide permits for massage, tattoos and body piercing shops / parlors and insures food handling facilities such as restaurants and food trucks adhere to the health code.

Rent Board

Implements Rent Ordinance, mediates rent adjustment petitions and alleged wrongful eviction. Obtain information regarding the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, obtain documents, forms, and resources regarding the Rent Ordinance and wrongful evictions.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

One of the world’s 30 busiest airports, SFO is committed to setting the standard for our industry. This includes being a leader in safety and security, customer service and satisfaction, community relations, environmental commitment, quality of facilities, and financial and economic vitality.

Sherriff’s Department

Administers county jails, warrant service, security of civil and criminal courts, and City Hall. Provides information and referrals regarding re-entry programs and jail alternative programs. Carries out all judgments of the civil courts including collecting fees, serving warrants, evictions, garnishments.

Office of Small Business

Small Business Assistance Center; Promote, and assists small businesses sector. Central point of information and referral for small businesses. Provide information concerning business structure and formation, including necessary licenses and permits, accessing financial resources and appropriate real estate; participating in City purchasing process, complying with laws and regulations, adopting green and sustainable business practices.

Office on the Status of Women

Promotes the advancement of the status of women and girls, particularly those that are marginalized. Monitors complaints regarding the unlawful and unequal treatment of women and girls. Promotes public education and awareness to prevent violence against, sexual harassment of, and discrimination against women.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island operations including residential properties and rental facilities. Redevelopment and policy decisions, approval of budget and large contracts. Rents facilities for public and private events.

Treasurer and Tax Collector: Business

Collects San Francisco business taxes and issues new business registrations and business registration renewals. The Treasurer and Tax Collector also issues regulatory licenses such dog licenses.

Treasurer and Tax Collector: Property

Collects Secured and Unsecured Property Tax for the city of San Francisco.

Treasurer and Tax Collector: K2C Program

Kindergarten to College Program is a college savings plan created for San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) students. A savings account containing its first $50 deposit from the City. Funds deposited into the K2C account can only be used for post-secondary education after high school graduation.

Issues Regarding Public Wireless Internet Access

The City and County of San Francisco offers free Wireless Internet Access to the public on Market Street from The Embarcadero to Castro Street.

San Francisco Business

Do you want to start your own business? The San Francisco Business Portal gives you comprehensive information and tools, to help start, manage, and grow your business.

Muni Schedules and Trip Planner

Are you planning on taking a trip using Muni in San Francisco? You can find Muni schedules or plan your trip from start to finish using the trip planner.

Note: Bart, CalTrains, and AC transit is not part of the city and county of San Francisco government.

City and County of San Francisco Holidays

A list of observed City and County of San Francisco holidays.

Note: Most non-emergency city agency will be close in observance of these holidays. Please contact the city department for more information regarding operating schedules.

City Events Calendar

Are you looking of a list of city events? See the San Francisco Events Calendar to see what is happening in the city.


Explore SF311

Do you want to see what service requests have been reported in your area? Type in an address and see what is happening around you.

Holiday Parking Enforcement Schedule

Do you want to know what holidays parking rules will be enforced?

Note: Meters on port property observe different operating schedules and observe different holidays compared the rest of the city.

Healthy San Francisco

Healthy San Francisco is a program operated by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH). The program is designed to make health care services available and affordable to uninsured San Francisco residents. For more information you can call the Healthy San Francisco Customer Service at (415) 615-4555.

Non Emergency Police Report

If you need to file a non-emergency report with the San Francisco police department you can make a police report either in person or by calling the non-emergency line at 415-553-0123. If you want to see what types of reports you are can report or would like to make a report via the internet see website.

Noise Issues/Complaints

Do you want to report a noises issues in your area? Many noises, such as emergency vehicles are allowed by city code. See the website for more information. You may submit a service request or call non-emergency police if you feel the noise violates city code.

Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial body that provides the public with a final administrative review process for appeals relating to a wide range of City determinations. The Board hears and decides appeals involving the granting, denial, suspension, or revocation of permits, licenses, and other use entitlements by various City commissions and departments.

Public Works

San Francisco Public Works contributes to making San Francisco a beautiful, livable, vibrant, safe and sustainable city.
They design, build, operate, maintain, clean, green, and improve the city's infrastructure, public rights-of-way, and facilities.

Homeless Concerns and Resources

Are you concerned for a homeless person or see a homeless encampment? The website provides a list of resources to help people in need.

If the person is exhibiting behavior that is endangering themselves or the public, or need immediate medical attention, call 911 immediately.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals (new installation)

An Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) is a pedestrian push button that communicates when to cross the street in a non-visual manner, such as audible tones, speech messages, and vibrating surfaces.

To request that the SFMTA install an APS at an intersection, a requestor may submit the intersection, their name and contact information, and the format in which the requestor wishes to receive a response

Illegal Dumping

Report illegal dumping and other items. Contact information is required for a statement. Reports without customer contact information cannot be enforced.

A cleaning request may be made without providing a statement to Public Works.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals (repair existing)

  • Call 3-1-1

An Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) is a pedestrian push button that communicates when to cross the street in a non-visual manner, such as audible tones, speech messages, and vibrating surfaces.

City Commission Database

Complete listing of all the Boards and Commissions recognized by the City and County of San Francisco. This will also show the members of each of these Boards and Commissions.

Public Works
Bureau of Street-Use & Mapping

The BSM Inspection and Enforcement Division strives to ensure the safe passage of the public right of way through superior and enduring quality inspection, education of both contractors and the public as well as fair enforcement of the public ordinances and permit requirements of the City and County of San Francisco. BSM manages complaints for Construction Site No Parking Zones.


Makeshift shelter has been constructed on private or public property. Makeshift shelter includes: tents, vehicles, blankets, sleeping bags, boxes, etc.

Blocked Pedestrian Walkway

Report obstructions other than motor vehicles: on the sidewalk interfering with pedestrian traffic; blocking access to a legal parking space. Includes café tables & chairs, construction equipment, display merchandise, dumpster/debris box, news rack, portable toilet, residential toter, trees & shrubs/bushes that are privately maintained, etc.

Information Information

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For a police, fire, medical, or other emergency, please call 911 immediately