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Homeless Belongings – Storage, Missing


Is there a place to store my personal belongings?

The "Homeless Storage Facility", located at 350 Jones Street, San Francisco, 94103 provides free storage service for shoes and clothing only.  It's recommended that you call the facility first to understand the terms and conditions of the facility.  Their phone number is (415) 921-1978



Providence Foundation Shelter

If you have a reserved bed at a Shelter you may bring some personal belongings with you. When making a reservation through a Shelter Reservation Center for a shelter bed, be sure to ask what the terms and conditions are for bringing personal belongings to a shelter.

NOTE: Shopping carts and other non-clothing items cannot be stored at the facility.


How to Make a Shelter Reservation


My personal belongings are missing

It's possible that items left unattended on public or private property may have been picked up the Department of Public Works (DPW) and taken to a storage yard. After 90 days, unclaimed items are disposed of.

Items picked up by the DPW are bagged and tagged. DPW will not bag wet or moldy clothing, wet or moldy bedrolls or food items (or anything else with health concerns). Those items are disposed of right of way. The tag on the bagged items includes:

  • Date and time of the pickup
  • Location of the pickup
  • Name of the owner (if known)
  • Brief description of the contents
  • SFPD badge number (if SFPD was involved)

Bags are taken to the DPW storage yard at Marin & Kansas streets where the tagged information is logged and the bags are stored.  If a shopping chart was picked up as well, it will be given to a cart retrieval company for return to the retailer.  The owner of the bagged items has 90 days to reclaim their items, the cart cannot be reclaimed.


To reclaim items:

The Storage Yard is open Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 3pm.  There is a guard at the gate that will help people locate their items.  Before going to the yard be prepared to provide the following information. Without this information, the DPW employees may not be able to help you.

  • Date and time of the pickup
  • Location of the pickup
  • Description of the items
  • SFPD badge number (if one was provided)

Location of the DPW Storage Yard (intersection of Kansas and Marin). Open Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 3pm.  Ask the guard at the gate for assistance.






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Directions to the DPW Storage Yard

Call 3-1-1 and provide the Customer Service Representative with the address of your current location and that you need bus information to the intersection of Marin and Kansas streets. The intersection is close to the Cesar Chavez exit off of Highway 101.