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The City and County of San Francisco provides two resources to locate and apply for an affordable rental unit.


Definition of Affordable Rental Units

Affordable rental units are created through a partnership of government and private industry that charge rent amounts Below the Local Market Rate (BMR) for people with income less than the Local Average Median Income (AMI) based on the size of their family.


Who is Eligible?

The income (includes all members of the family) received each year must be under a limit set by the federal government.  The limit is different, depending on the size of your family and on the specific affordable housing that you are trying to get.  The income limits for affordable housing are stated as a percentage of the median income for the San Francisco area, or Area Median Income (AMI).


Income Limits for Affordable Rentals


If your income is equal to or less than the income limit for the housing that you're interested in, you may be eligible for it. There are other requirements that you must meet to be eligible, but income is the most important one. You must contact the agency that administers the rental unit for specific income requirements and other eligibility requirements.


Section 8 Vouchers

Some rental units may accept Section 8 vouchers as rent payment. This is on a case by case basis. Anyone wanting to use a Section 8 voucher must ask the rental agency office or look for a statement on a rental listing that Section 8 vouchers will be accepted.


Available Rental Units

The City of San Francisco (through the Mayors Office on Housing (MOH) and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA)) does not own or manage living units. The City provides financing to for-profit and non-profit corporations to build affordable housing. To apply for affordable Housing, you must contact these agencies:


Waiting Lists

Almost all affordable housing developments in San Francisco will have a waiting list. Don't be discouraged and apply to as many places as possible.  When new affordable housing is about to open, the owners will advertise the dates and times when they will accept applications and the location. Also, occasionally owners of existing affordable housing will advertise that they are opening their waiting lists for new applications.

Developments Accepting Applications Now (MOH)


SFRA has an E-Mail ALERT systems to notify you of new opportunities.  To unsubscribe, use the E-mail Alert system to send an e-mail to SFRA to remove yourself from the E-mail Alert system.


Questions and Contact

Questions about the content of this web page can be directed to:

Mayor's Office on Housing (MOH): 415-701-5500; Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA): 415-749-2400; Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm