Streets and Sidewalks

If this is a police, fire, medical, or other emergency, please call 911 immediately.




Street Sidewalk Cleaning

Street/Sidewalk Cleaning
Illegal dumping, street and sidewalk cleaning
DPW Manhole Cover Street/Sidewalk Defects
Manhole covers, potholes, public stairs, sidewalk curbs, requests for street painting/marking
garbage_can-48x48.bmp Garbage
Residential/Business service, city garbage cans.
thumb_LorryGreen-48x48.png Blocked Right of Way
Blocked driveways, sidewalks, streets, public parking/strips, accessiblity ramp


Damaged Public Property 
Public property damaged on street or sidewalk including streetlights, signs, bike racks, parking meters

City Tree Maintenance

City Tree Maintenance
Damaged tree, landscaping, maintenance requests, pruning


Illegal Posting
Signage/posting illegally placed on city property

Construction Tow Away

Construction Tow-Away
Apply for a construction tow-away zone permit


News Rack Program
Request fixed news rack
MTA Red Curb

Color Curb Zone Request
Apply for a Color Curb parking restriction zone

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