Report Graffiti

If this is a police, fire, medical, or other emergency, please call 911 immediately.


  • DPW will paint out graffiti on public property and notify other agencies and private property owners of the presence of graffiti, so they can remove it.
  • Check here for information about Graffiti Removal Resources
  • Please provide the following with your service request:
    • Location where service is needed (address or intersection)
    • Nature of the graffiti (offensive, not offensive)
    • Type of building or object that graffiti is on (house, newsrack, etc.)
  • Join the fight against Graffiti in San Francisco.  Volunteer to help.



In A Park   In a park
City park or playground including Golden Gate Park and John McLaren Park




On a Sign and/or Sign Pole
Street name signs, street cleaning signs, traffic signs, sign poles/supports, etc.



Parking Meter   On Public Property
Bike rack, City garbage can, fire hydrant, mailbox, newsrack, parking meters, public toilet, transit shelter/ platform, etc.


Private Property  

On Private Property
Personal residences, homes, private office buildings




Other Locations
MUNI buses/trains/cable cars, billboards, BART, Caltrains, Schools


Having trouble finding a service? Need assistance in another language?
Dial 3-1-1 (within SF only) or (415) 701-2311; TTY direct (415) 701-2323
24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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