Garbage & Graffiti

If this is a police, fire, medical, or other emergency, please call 911 immediately.



Street Sidewalk Cleaning   Street/Sidewalk Cleaning
Illegal dumping, request street/sidewalk cleaning, missed street cleaning route


Trash Full   Garbage
Residential/Business service, overflowing garbage can, request new/remove receptacle, debris boxes


Report Graffiti  

Report Graffiti
Report graffiti on public or private property, request a post-abatement inspection



Recycling   Recycling
Curbside recycling, bulky items, construction debris, electronic waste, grease, hazardous materials


sun icon   Adopt-A-Street Program
Join the program and get free brooms, rakes, dustpans, leaf bags, gloves, and litter pickup service


Having trouble finding a service? Need assistance in another language?
Dial 3-1-1 (within SF only) or (415) 701-2311; TTY direct (415) 701-2323
24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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