311 Citizen Advisory Committee

The 311 Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) met from November of 2008 through May of 2010 and provided guidance to the 311 Customer Service Center. The CAC is no longer active.


The CAC was comprised of San Francisco residents who worked in partnership with the 311 Customer Service Center to continually improve and expand public services. CAC Members represented the diversity of San Francisco through their affiliation with various San Francisco communities, neighborhoods, and community organizations. CAC Members advised 311 Management on operations and strategies to continue customer service improvements. In addition to this important advisement role, members participated in 311 special projects as necessary. The Committee met quarterly at the 311 Customer Service Center.


Nancy Alfaro, Director, 311 Customer Service Center


Murat A. Armbruster
Paul D. Carp
Laura Chiu
Jason Hinson
Carol Lei
Fernanda Martinez de Oliveira
Susana Razo
Christopher Reyes

Meeting Information